Grow our customer’s bottom line with best in class technology solutions and services.

Small Business Computer Solutions Mission


YourComputerGuyOK.com / Small Business Computer Solutions’ (SBCS) goal is to add value to customer’s bottom line with quality Information Technology solutions and services



YourComputerGuyOK.com (SBCS) will collaborate with others who share its values to achieve leadership in the delivery of quality Information Technology solutions.



Excellence, Dignity, Justice, Integrity, Stewardship, and Charity:
YourComputerGuyOK.com (SBCS) will promote high standards of service and performance.



YourComputerGuyOK.com (SBCS) will respect each person as a unique and inherently valuable member of the community.



YourComputerGuyOK.com (SBCS) will advocate for systems and structures that are attuned to the needs of our customers and that promote profitability among all involved.



YourComputerGuyOK.com (SBCS) will encourage honesty, consistency, and integrity in all its relationships.



YourComputerGuyOK.com (SBCS) will ensure prudent use of talents and resources in a collaborative manner.



YourComputerGuyOK.com (SBCS) will offer reduced rates and gratis services for not-for-profit organizations in our community.

Your technology should be growing your business.

Best In Class Technology Solutions

OK Small Business Computer Solutions Circuit Board


Small Business Computer Solutions is an IT service provider for SMB’s looking for an outsourced IT department to expand their business:

  • Customize your services as needed while your business grows
  • Gain access to talent that you need for IT needs
  • Minimize downtime and create an efficient IT infrastructure

Decades of experience at a fraction of the cost versus an in-house IT department.

That’s Small Business Computer Solutions’ specialty: Growth fueled by efficiency.

Less downtime.
Less overhead.
More profits.


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